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Finding a Virginia Hyundai dealer that makes your interests a top priority can be hard to find, although at Hall Hyundai Chesapeake, we make it easy. Not only do we offer a staff of talented and knowledgeable dealers, but we also provide you with pro auto tips to improve your overall driving experience.

As one of the leading Hyundai dealerships in the Suffolk, VA area, we know that many car buyers are looking for a vehicle that doesn’t just offer a smooth ride, but one that is fuel efficient. Fueling up can be expensive, and it is expected to get even more so as gas prices rise. Although, there are methods you can use to improve your gas mileage and spend less at the pump.

One thing we recommend is that drivers take it easy on the gas pedal. The harder you accelerate the more gasoline you’re bound to burn. Instead, we suggest that you rely more on the momentum of your vehicle, and to tap the gas pedal as lightly as possible when accelerating. Being light on the gas can go a long way in boosting the fuel economy of your Hyundai.

Sometimes, a good bit of maintenance can mean the difference between struggling to meet your vehicle’s fuel economy to reach your vehicle’s fuel efficiency maximum. One of the most influential things you can do for your engine is to receive a regular oil change. Your engine is kept running smoothly thanks to this incredible helpful lubricant. Although, motor oil can eventually develop grime, which in turn can impose excess strain on your engine, in turn burning more gasoline.

Whether you’re looking to purchase some of our fuel-sipping 2019 Hyundai models or want to put your current car through an intensive servicing, our team at Hall Hyundai of Chesapeake have got you covered. We’ll answer any questions you may have and ensure that you continue to enjoy a top-notch ride. 

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